Outline of a closed book


What kind of books do you deal in?
Wilsons Book World is a general used and antiquarian book shop

So, no new books at all?
We get new titles in all the time, however we do not order New books for stock.

How do you get your stock?
Quite simply, from you the public we both buy and trade. See our policies on their respective pages on this site.

What are those colored tags in your books for?
Many first guess that they have something to do with the price. A good guess, but incorrect. Those colored slips of paper are our inventory control tags. Each year gets a color and by looking at a shelf we can tell what stock is the oldest.

Where do I find the prices on your books?
Most are priced inside the front cover. For mass market paperbacks there is a stamp inside the cover with two prices. The top is the price you pay. Trade paperbacks and hardcover books are priced on the first available page marked in pencil or with a price sticker.

How do you arrive at your pricing?
Most current editions are priced at half of their cover price. Almost all books default at a price no lower than $2.50 to $3.00. Antiquarian books are priced at fair market value based on condition and several other factors. Older books are priced based on if they were published today.

What kind of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check, credit and debit cards (with the exception of American Express). There is no minimum purchase when using cards.

Do you offer price breaks on volume purchases?
This depends on a number of factors and we are happy to deal with all serious buyers. Because of the trade value we can't give breaks on mass market paperbacks. All others will vary based on how much you are buying and how you are paying.

How are the books arranged?
All books are segregated into sections based on genre. Larger sections are alphabetical by the authors last name; however if a section only encompasses a few shelves we don't bother to alphabetize them. For a listing of our categories, Click Here.

What about returns and refunds?
These are handled on an individual basis. Refunds are generally given if the book is defective. We don't guarantee you'll like the book only that it's all there. If you accidentally purchase the same book twice we will generally give you full trade credit on one of them.

Can you order books?
No, ordering new books is best done by new book stores. We can locate out of print books for you but this can get quite expensive.

Can you ship books?
Call store for more information: (727) 896-3700

What's with the Elvis Bathroom?
The Elvis Presley Memorial Bathroom and Philosophy Door was brought about years ago as a staff joke and it just kept growing. Basically the premise is Elvis died in a bathroom, this makes him patron saint of all bathrooms.

You do deal in new comics right?
We delt in New Comics for decades until the industry and distribution changed in 2020 and a decision was made to no longer stock New Comics. We deal in back issues from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, etc..

We do not deal in collectable comics or graded comics.

We buy back issues, graphic novels and manga. Please call the store for more details.

Back issue comics:
We have numerous long and short boxes of back issue titles; however, they are not in any order. Most back issues start at $1.00 and are priced accordingly.

We have a selection of back issue graphic novels and Manga.

Are you hiring?
We almost never lose staff. The last time we had to accept applications was about 20 years ago. Seasonal help is also not needed because the temporary nature of the employment does not allow for proper training.